Telco Services Auditing

This can be a daunting and frustrating task for anyone in your organization, when you are not familiar with what we in the industry like to “Telco Speak”. This is where Advanced Telco Solutions starts… with an audit of all existing carrier services. ATS takes the guessing game out of what you have, whether you need it, and what each service used for. Once we have a summarized your current topology, we can then identify excessive, redundant, inadequate or inefficient services. This practice in an excellent tool for finding cost savings.

Product Selection and Procurement:

Once ATS determines the best carriers that will fit your company’s needs, we then put your selections out to multiple Telco’s for bidding. This can be a lengthy process on your own, but by utilizing an Authorized Telco Agent to perform this task, you are guaranteeing you will receive the best products and pricing available to you, through multiple vendor choices. Through our carrier access tools, we can quickly turn multiple quotes around for your review in just a few days.

Negotiating contract term and pricing between the telecommunications provider and our client, is the core purpose of utilizing our services. Once the contract is executed, Advanced Telco Solutions coordinates installation and follow up with the customer through completion of order. We perform post installation auditing as well, to ensure the carrier has reflected the exact pricing and products that you signed for.

Post Installation Product, Services and Billing Support:

After your new telecom services have been installed, Advanced Telco Solutions provides ongoing customer support. ATS will review your invoicing with your new carrier post installation, to ensure billing accuracy. ATS can also place your Trouble Tickets, as well as monitor them through to resolution. This saves you both time and company resources. ATS is always here to help.