Welcome to Advanced Telco Solutions

Advanced Telco Solutions is an Independent technology and telecommunications consulting firm. ATS’s main objective is to act in the customer’s best interest while evaluating carrier solutions, pricing, and contract terms.

ATS will gain understanding of the customer’s current solution during our initial meeting. From that meeting the evaluation period will begin to look at what is working in the current design, uncover any issues with the design, and provide the latest in industry technology. This evaluation allows ATS to provide a solution that best fits the customers overall needs. ATS will then source from a list of customer approved carriers and vendors that meet all of your requirements.

The consulting services come at no cost to you, as it is our mission not to be sales reps, but rather a personal liaison from the customer to the Telecom Service Providers. ATS is able to access a variety of carriers that will best fit the customer’s needs. On a monthly basis, carriers provide ATS with all current promos, pricing and knowledge of each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses, to make sure we have the best overall solutions for the customer. The 16 years of industry knowledge ATS can bring to the final solution presented, is of remarkable value to our clients, as it ensures the best outcome to fit all of their telecommunications solutions needs.